Monday, 22 April 2013

Nissan is Going Introduce its Altima 2013 SL with New Engine and CVT

When you look closely at the auto striking him to the extent that evolution has been applied. And the is not what it was and to say that we take into account: The body, although it is clearly recognizable as an Altima, is lighter, stiffer and improved aerodynamics to cut the wind. 

Engine 2.5-liter 4-cylinder in line. Lighter, stronger, faster and more fuel efficient (combined with the design of the new transmission) than the previous 2.5-liter design.
Along with the feeling of driving a lot better, the result of the redesign of the new CVT allows an estimated 15 percent improvement in fuel economy if you acquire with the 4-cylinder engine and an improvement of 10 percent with the V6 engine .
A new-generation Xtronic CVT that takes two decades of continuous variable transmissions leadership and brings a new dimension of good performance and fuel efficiency, refined A new multi-link rear suspension.
A power steering system hybrid that combines the feel of a traditional hydraulic box with modern electric control efficiency
The front seats are inspired by outer space technology - for comfort outside segment. An intuitive screen D-effect information that is easier to see that many Hollywood blockbusters in 3D A Pandora music connection for each of her moods.A padded armrest and a system for monitoring tire pressure that tells you when they are full or shortness Integrated rearview cameras that allows us through four points of view meet our blind spots (BSW) Departure Warning Lane (LDW) and Object Motion Detection (MOD).

New engine 2.5

The new 2013 Nissan Altima is powered by a 2.5-liter that produces 182hp of power and guidance to fuel economy. The design adds variable valve timing on both camshafts intake and exhaust, and a new intake system valve opens at a higher level to help maintain flat torque curve. The pair is estimated at 180 pounds-feet . Other revisions include aluminum exhaust manifold cover (previously steel), a starter most efficient and thin walls of the cylinder head.

Next-Generation Xtronic CVT

As a world leader in continuously variable transmission technology, Nissan has worldwide more than nine million CVT-equipped vehicles in the last 20 years.Always in the right gear, CVT allows us to combine responsive acceleration and fuel efficiency also uses best automotive gear oils. And, with around a third less spending less than conventional automatic transmissions, CVTs offer less friction and less drivetrain shock to other parts.
The advanced of the new Nissan Altima 2013 Xtronic CVT raises the standard in class again, providing a driving experience and acceleration rewarding quality that evokes the feeling of a high-class sedan.
70 percent of the parts have been redesigned, which together with a small oil pump, the lower oil level and low viscosity of the oil results in a reduction of up to40 percent of the internal friction (as compared to previous design).
All V6-equipped 2013 Nissan Altima models in 2013 used a chain of transmission and standard paddle shifters that help simulate a step transmission with best transmission fluids (with seven simulated gear levels) when desired.
Along with the feeling of driving a lot better, the result of the redesign of the new CVT allows an estimated 15 percent improvement in fuel economy if you acquire with the 4-cylinder engine and an improvement of 10 percent with the V6 engine.

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