Friday, 10 May 2013

Osilub RECYCLING ENGINE OIL - A new Revolution in Oil Industry

Veolia Environmental Services has partnered with TOTAL Lubricants create Osilub unit that recycles used motor oil to make it like new engine oil. A conventional treatment can recycle 40% of the volume of oil processed. Osilub adopts an innovative process. The process developed by Veolia aims to preserve as much of the oil molecules. A "vacuum distillation scraped films" finely separates reusable components or foreign corrupt elements. This method provides a smoothly from 75% recycled oil. The vehicle engine oil produced by Osilub undergoes a stage finishing in nearby facilities TOTAL Lubricants, who can transform, as needed oil premium engine, meeting the most stringent specifications!


Its Key Figures Are:

Europe: 81% of oil collected only 44% regenerated.

In France: a deposit of 240,000 tons / year of waste oil.

One actor to date: that handles about 10,000 tons for production of 40 000 tonnes of base oil, a 40% yield of regenerated.

Without a capacity sufficient regeneration, France exports more than 55% of waste auto motor oils.

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