Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Can oil be affected through temperature? How?

Lubricants can get affected due to extreme weather conditions. Temperature including base oil, viscosity, pour point, and the viscosity index influences on the characteristics of lubricants.


While purchasing any lubricant, the viscosity of oil is considered to be the most important factor. The oil viscosity has the ability of having internal resistance to flow. Like when oil forms its film between shaft and bearing, some of the oil gets attracted to the shaft’s surface, while other molecules are to the bearing surface. This shear rate is directly gets affected by oil’s operating temperatures and viscosity. The multi grade oil which possesses thinner viscosity will have a higher potential sear rater other than the single viscosity oil which will generally have the lower potential shear rate.
As oil with having lower viscosity and with higher potential shear must contain a sufficient oil firm, because as temperature rises, the oil may become fail and can cause metal to metal contact.
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Pour Point

The pour point of oil should be at the lowest temperature at which a lubricant can easily flow, it’s erroneously and frequently being used as the criteria of oil viscosity selection.

Viscosity Index

The viscosity index of oil is a term used to express oil resistance to the change in viscosity due to change in temperature.

Base Oil

Base oil should also consider while selecting the lubricants, Mineral based oils have different bases depending on the chemical and molecular structure. The Base oil can be aromatic, naphthenic, Paraffinic, and the selection process must take place in the account type of base oil.
The extreme rise or extreme fall in temperature can unbalance their molecule bonds in them which results oil cause extreme change reaction and can cause machinery or engine failure, Its better to go for time to time service maintenance to avoid such circumstances. Selecting the right lubricant would be recommended to get to know the right lubricant for your machine, Try consulting your manufacturer or go through the Machine’s manual.

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