Thursday, 1 August 2013

Reasons for Choosing Synthetic Oil Over Regular Mineral Oil!!

While choosing synthetic oil over any regular or mineral oil keep in mind that mineral oils are around for a very long time and has been functioning quite properly as a powerful lubricant in many of the industrial applications.

They are very much cost effective and also provide appropriate service life when used properly with complete maintenance service; depending on the level of additives blends and the operating environment are encountered.

These limitations will help in choosing synthetic oil over regular mineral oil attractive.

  • The availability of waxes which results in poor flow properties at lower temperature. 
  • The oxidation stability at continuous high temperature, will eventually leads to sludge and acid buildup.
  • The vital amendment in viscosity with change in temperature, which might cause the base oil to get highly thin overly at heat.
  • Practically maximum high temperature application can limits about more than 125 degrees C at which the base oil get oxidizes very quickly. It would be prefer best to keep mineral oil based lubricants within operating range of 40 - 65 degrees C. 

Things to get know while choosing synthetic oil over regular mineral oil 

The synthetic base oils are expensive because of its processing which gets involves while manufacturing pure chemical base oil. The additives mineral costs of synthetic lubes above minerals are often get justify by their better performance under the extreme conditions.
Regard to their chemical values and structures, mineral oils contains more than thousands of different structured molecules, where synthetic oil are just homogenous in Structure.
This molecular structure makes the synthetic oil to perform more stable even across the wide range of operating conditions.
The major two functional advantages of synthetic oils are the ability to perform even in the extreme environment and temperature, from extreme hot temperature as above as 85 degrees C to extreme low temperature even below at -10 degree C.
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As Synthetic oil varies different type of additive package and synthetic oil; depending on its type the other advantages of synthetic oil are listed below:
                    Improved energy potency because of higher low-temperature properties and higher body stability across the in operation temperature vary.
                    Higher oil film gets its strength with the help of some synthetics
                    Extended warranties by some instrumentation makers
                    Lower engine organic compound emissions
                    Extensive drain intervals in some applications
                    Biodegradability with some synthetics (esters)
                    Natural detergence
                    Higher body index
                    Fire resistance (phosphate esters)

As crude oil price is being increase continuously, causing the price of Synthetic lubricant and Mineral lubricant to narrow. As the extensive saving in energy is being thrown, selecting the synthetic oil over regular has become quite attractive.

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