Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Check your Engine Oils Standard with Big Car Brands

Instead of what many engineers think that they are free to choose the lubricant they want to use in their garage.

In the blog post you will learn how to choose lubricant for your car recommended by major car manufacturers , we explain the European legislation: the mechanics are not obliged to follow the recommendations of car manufacturers in terms of brand lubricant. 

Lubrita offers a range of engine oils, which is universal in kind and compatible to every type of oil required for a particular brand of car engine and are recommended by the major manufacturers.

However, if you are free to choose the brand of lubricants, you should follow the recommendations on the lubricant oil type.

What to know about oil for your car brand…??

1.       First, use the international engine standard parameters: check the engine specification for oil and try to find the lubricant which has high viscosity that results great performance for your vehicle engine. If you’re using the wrong ones, then immediately get that off from engine it may harm you engine continuously.

2.       For your Assistance for engine oil change workshop, Lubrita.com has designed a technical area for assistance of engine oil standard with their respective car brands that simple features clean image of motor oil for use  in branded cars such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, GM, Ford,  Volkswagen and Toyota.

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