Monday, 24 June 2013

Lubrita Offers Improved Lubrication Products for your Car's Engine and Transmission now offers you specially developed Engine Lubricants and Transmission Oils for better performance in toughest conditions!


LUBRITA has many years of experience in the production and distribution of oils and lubricants for the automotive and industrial field also. The company is now decided to offer you the newly improved lubricants for vehicles range from passenger level to the heavy ones.

At, Automotive lubricants are available in popular viscosities and international grade standards with the appropriate manufacturer approvals; which we are happy to present before the sale on demand.

We have first of all to the viscosity 0W40 / 5W40 / 10W40 and 15W40 gear oil and the corresponding at these pages; Click here to see Automatic transmission oils products

In which 15W40 engine oil viscosity is very popular among all small and medium size cars includes coupes and hatchback; also compatible with other ones too.

For respective prices and updates on each products,  you can find our website very usefull to fulfill your needs throughout the week 24/7 at HERE!

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